Many thanks for a great Pathways Forward campaign kickoff

Our celebration Friday of the announcement of the public phase of our Pathways Forward comprehensive campaign was a tremendous success. I have received many, many positive comments about the numerous events and activities, and the media attention was exceptional.

The amount of excitement, dedication and passion I felt for our campaign – from our faculty and staff and our generous benefactors – was incredible and very heart-warming. I certainly think that our campaign’s public phase is off to a great start.

If you were unable to watch the news conference Friday, see it here. If you couldn’t attend or view the late afternoon event in Harvey Hall Theatre, watch it here.

Putting on an event like this takes an incredible amount of hard work, and it would be impossible for me to name everyone who played a role in making the public phase launch successful. Vice Chancellor Mark Parsons did a great job of thanking people Friday afternoon, and I echo his sentiments. Certainly, the University Advancement staff put in hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in planning this event, as well as marketing, communications, the conference and events staff in the Memorial Student Center, dining, facilities and grounds, the three colleges – especially College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences, which hosted the afternoon event – faculty and staff across campus who so enthusiastically hosted open houses and tours of our facilities, my office staff, parking, etc., etc.

I know I have neglected to name every contributor, but all of your efforts are truly appreciated.

As most people are aware, our campaign is off to such a great start that we have raised the unofficial – or aspirational – goal to $40 million, while the official goal remains at $35 million. We have raised more than $30 million so far.

Our campaign’s success is an indication of how our benefactors value your work at UW-Stout as well as the contributions our graduates provide to employers. We should all be very proud of that success.

I will use this blog and other methods to keep the campus updated on the progress of the campaign, which runs through June 30, 2020.

See photos and videos from the events at the UW-Stout Facebook page.


The political season is upon us

It is hard to avoid the fact that we are in the middle of an intense political season. At UW-Stout, we work very hard to ensure that as many candidates as possible are made aware of the value of UW-Stout in preparing our students for successful careers and the challenges we face in meeting that responsibility.

We invite candidates from all parties to campus, and I meet personally with all of those who accept. So far five candidates have visited, and more are scheduled.

I believe this helps us immensely after the election when those candidates take office because they have a better understanding of UW-Stout and the UW System as a whole, particularly our most recent budget request.

I also would like to remind our campus community of the UW System rules and advice for engaging in political activity.