With his passing, we celebrate Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen’s amazing legacy

In my public communication announcing the Feb. 23 passing of Chancellor Emeritus Charles Sorensen, I stated that “I am fortunate to have worked with Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen as a UW-Stout faculty member, program director, college dean and special assistant to the chancellor for state and federal relations.”

I also mentioned that “not a day goes by that I don’t apply something that I learned from Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen as I try to carry on the legacy that he established during his 26 years at UW-Stout.”


Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen provided me some very special opportunities to serve him and this incredible university, for which I will be eternally grateful. His visionary leadership qualities that I try to emulate are his passion, determination, persistence and commitment to UW-Stout’s polytechnic mission.

These characteristics were key ingredients to his and our success throughout his tenure as chancellor.

He championed continuous improvement and moved the university forward in many dimensions, including new programming, updated facilities, staff excellence and innovative approaches to teaching, research and service.

With his passing we celebrate this amazing legacy for which generations of students have and will benefit. Thank you, Chancellor Emeritus Charles Sorensen!

To honor the legacy of Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen, I have asked that the Bowman Hall bells be rung in the funeral toll mode at 12:20 p.m. Thursday, March 1. This marks the start of a class period, and I believe it would be appropriate for instructors to ask for a moment of silence at the start of class as well.

A UW-Stout web page has photos, stories and more looking back at his career that I would encourage everyone to visit.