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New video advertisement highlights UW-Stout

Our University Marketing Department has worked with UW-Stout alumni in Eau Claire to produce a new video advertisement aimed at bolstering our enrollment.  The advertisement, produced by Knorth Studios, includes much of the same video that Knorth used to produce the highly popular “Stout Proud”  alumni video last year.  The founders of Knorth are UW-Stout alumni Chris Bartlett and R.T. Vrieze.  Our marketing staff has secured very favorable rates to air the new advertisement locally during the upcoming Super Bowl and Winter Olympics events, both on WEAU-TV.

Campus Aerial Photos

The video focuses on our emphasis on producing career-ready graduates. You can preview the advertisement here.  This advertisement is part of a broader effort to increase enrollment. We obviously don’t want to publicly disclose all the facets of this plan for competitive reasons, but it also includes the new UW-Stout external website that was unveiled recently, along with the adoption of a new customer relationship management software for enrollment services and other offices.  I have made enrollment a top priority for my administration, and my Cabinet will be receiving monthly updates from both enrollment and marketing leaders.

A big thank you for snow removal efforts

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard last week to keep our campus open during the extreme snowfall that we experienced last Monday.  Our Facilities Management personnel, as well as those who work for University Centers and elsewhere, did a great job ensuring that our students, employees and guests were able to navigate campus as safely as possible.  I am proud to work with people who are so dedicated to their jobs.  Thank you!

Campus Snow

Getting to know Sen. Schachtner

We also are working to establish a good working relationship with our new state senator, Patty Schachtner, a Democrat from Somerset.  Sen. Schachtner is busy getting her office in the Capitol set up, and she is scheduled to visit campus in February.  I am looking forward to getting to know Sen. Schachtner, ensuring she becomes familiar with UW-Stout, and working with her during the upcoming 2019-21 budget debate.

Welcome to a new semester; portraits of leaders finally get permanent home

Welcome to a new semester and the first blog of 2018. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and had time to spend with family and friends.

I had the privilege of opening the new academic year with an address this morning that highlighted some of the accomplishments of 2017 and looked ahead a bit to the new year. As I mentioned, the major event for 2018 will be the announcement of the public phase of our $35 million comprehensive fundraising campaign, which is about 60 percent complete. We anticipate that the announcement will be held in September or October, and we certainly will make sure the campus is kept informed.


I also elaborated on our recent efforts to increase the salaries we pay to faculty and staff and the fact that our past efforts have exceeded those of most other comprehensive campuses. I am pleased that within the next year eligible employees will see three salary increases: a supplemental increase on Feb. 1, a 2 percent increase on July 1 and another 2 percent increase on Jan. 1, 2019.

While these increases will help address our salary disparities with our peers, I am committed to doing whatever I can to increase salaries even more in the future.

Another topic I discussed was the total redesign of the UW-Stout website, which should greatly enhance our marketing efforts. I will not go into a lot of details about the redesign, other than to say that I am pleased with the results. I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on the project. You can find the details here.


Finally, I want to reiterate a thank you I expressed during my address for everyone whose efforts ensured that our Memorial Student Center reopened as soon as possible after a pipe burst in December, sending water flowing from the ceiling above the Terrace dining area through to the first floor, in an area primarily occupied by student organizations and Stoutfitters bookstore. Because of these efforts, the Terrace is expected to be open by the time students come back Monday, Jan. 22.

Again, I hope you have an enjoyable and fulfilling semester. I truly enjoy working alongside every one of you!  

Portraits of university leaders finally get a permanent home 

Last week I had the opportunity to visit University Archives on the fifth floor of the Robert S. Swanson Library and Learning Center to view the new and permanent home of the portraits that have been painted over the years of the seven previous leaders of UW-Stout: James Huff Stout, Lorenzo Dow Harvey, Burton E. Nelson, Verne C. Fryklund, William J. Micheels, Robert S. Swanson and Charles W. Sorensen.

University Archives

These portraits never have been in one place at the same time, and it was incumbent on us to settle the question of where they should reside.

Most of the portraits have hung in the Louis Smith Tainter House, but we felt there was a need to find a more suitable public space. I became convinced that the remodeled space in University Archives, open to the public during normal business hours, was that suitable public space.

I would encourage you to visit the Archives and check out the portraits.