Great memories rekindled on Move-in Day; Blue Rah, Knock and Talk a success

On Sunday I helped move students into the residence halls during the annual Move-in Day. Once again, I was very proud of how well-organized the event was, and I want to thank the staff for making it such a great success.

I especially want to thank our athletes and coaches who took time away from practice to help our students move in. I heard many, many comments praising our efforts and thanking the staff who helped make the experience painless and fun.


While helping students move into HKMC, I visited second floor Milnes where I served two years as a resident adviser when I was an undergraduate student from 1975 to 1980. As I visited second Milnes, I ran into a former colleague, Nancy Murray, who was helping her daughter Catherine settle into her room. Coincidentally, I lived in Catherine’s room when I was an RA!

Nancy served our retail merchandising and management program while I was a dean at UW-Stout from 2000 to 2007. Nancy’s parents met at UW-Stout in the 1960s and married in their junior year. Nancy also graduated from UW-Stout in 1988, making Catherine a third-generation student. Nancy was kind enough to snap a picture of our get-together and send it to me.


A bit later at CKTO residence hall, I ran into a retired colleague, Lou Moegenburg, and his wife, Julie Best, moving in their son Hunter. Hunter was moving in with his friends Tucker Nauss and Austin Boetcher. It was great seeing them on their move-in day. Julie snapped this photo:


Left to right:  Abby, Ethan, Dana and Greg (’95) Boetcher; Bob Meyer (’80, ’83); Hunter Moegenburg; Tucker Nauss; Julie Best (’84); Austin Boetcher; and Louis Moegenburg (’62, ’64).

The Boetcher family has 14 UW-Stout graduates spanning three generations! Julie Best’s grandmother graduated from “Stout Normal School” in the early 1900s.

Obviously, I met and helped move in a lot of other first-generation UW-Stout students, but it was gratifying to see so many alumni helping move in a son or daughter. It continued to demonstrate for me just how valuable a UW-Stout degree continues to be for so many people like myself, my wife, Debbie, and daughter Erica.

Blue Rah an energizing event

After resting up following my furniture moving experiences, I had the opportunity to get totally energized for the new academic year at the Blue Rah pep rally Sunday night in Johnson Fieldhouse. Everyone had smiles on their faces during the event, and I want to thank those in the Memorial Student Center and Britta Miller, freshman orientation coordinator, who organized this year’s Blue Rah. It was very uplifting.


Knocking and talking for a safe year

For the second year in a row, the Chancellor’s Coalition on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse has organized a fantastic effort called Knock and Talk in which UW-Stout employees fan out across student housing areas off campus to have discussions with mainly older students about ways to stay safe this year. I had the opportunity to visit with a number of these students Tuesday and found the initiative very valuable.


Students were a bit surprised to see the chancellor knocking on their door, but they were very gracious and appreciative, both for the contact and for the bag full of literature, gift certificates and pens and other items that were distributed. I was joined by a Leader-Telegram newspaper reporter for part of the trip, and that story is available here.


I applaud Nate Kirkman and Jake Bloom of the coalition for all the time they spent putting this effort together, securing the volunteers and mapping out the areas to be covered. I also want to thank all the employees who gave a part of their day to have these important conversations.