A statement regarding the Faculty Senate’s no confidence vote

The following statement is in response to the UW-Stout Faculty Senate’s action Monday afternoon:

I understand the frustrations that led the UW-Stout Faculty Senate to take the action it did Monday. However, I am not in agreement with a vote of no confidence in our UW System leaders.

There is no question that, as the Senate resolution states, the budget situation at UW-Stout and the other campuses in the UW System, coupled with repeated tuition freezes, has “reached a critical tipping point in terms of the quality of education faculty and staff can provide to our students.”

Moreover, our faculty and staff have, to date, done a commendable job serving our students in an environment of continuing reduced resources. They are doing more with less without any additional remuneration, and their frustration is understandable.

While I respect the Faculty Senate’s right to entertain such a resolution and express their frustration, I also believe that a vote of no confidence misses the target and distracts us from the important work that everyone in the UW System, including our faculty, staff and students, will be required to do during the 2017-19 biennium to help us retreat from the serious financial brink where we find ourselves.

We need to work collaboratively in this regard, and a vote of no confidence detracts from that collaborative spirit. It is my hope that, going forward, we will all be able to continue to work together to ensure that we have the resources needed to provide a high quality education for our students.