Remembering my dear mother, Germaine Ann Meyer


I have often mentioned the positive impact both of my parents have made on my life. My father exemplified servant leadership in his work life and home life. And my mother role-modeled strong values and character every minute of every hour of every day.

I was blessed to have had the advantage of two incredibly dedicated parents, and I try to find ways to help younger people who may not have enjoyed this parental advantage.

I learned on Tuesday morning that my mother, Germaine Ann Meyer, passed away at the age of 93. She was an incredible force in my life and an inspiration for me. She spent countless hours reading to me as a youngster, helping me with my homework or making sure that I completed it, assisting with “doing the books” when I had a paper route and encouraging me in my later years attending college.

Even though she outlived most of her friends and all of her siblings and the effects of age slowed her down, she never complained. She loved her friends, family, neighbors and those who helped her a bit to get around later in life.

The world was a better place because of her, and I will miss her deeply. I love you mom and am deeply grateful for all you have done for me!

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