Allegations troubling, but fiscal responsibility taken seriously 

Most of you probably saw the stories Monday and Tuesday about the unfortunate incident in our Counseling Center in which a former employee was accused of theft. I issued a statement in the wake of these allegations that I wanted to share with you: 
“These allegations are very troubling because at UW-Stout we take our fiscal responsibility to the students and the taxpayers very seriously.
“It is important to note that the alleged improprieties were discovered by UW-Stout staff and reported to the proper authorities. An internal audit of the accounts under her control was conducted, and the results of that audit culminated in her arrest Friday afternoon. Ms. Davis was put on administrative leave during the audit period and then was terminated.

“We evaluate our financial procedures on a regular basis and will review this situation to determine if additional steps should be taken to ensure that a similar situation does not arise in the future.”

I want to thank our internal auditor, David Custforth, and our University Police for their professionalism in investigating these allegations, which led to the Dunn County District Attorney issuing the charges.