A great two days: mechanical engineering approved and taking part in the Family Weekend activities

Mechanical engineering effort pays off

Manufacturing EngineeringFriday, April 10, was a great day at the UW System Board of Regents meeting in Waukesha. After months and months of work and worry, the Regents approved a new Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

I am grateful to everyone who had a hand in preparing this new program, shepherding it through the UW System review and approval process and then getting it passed — unanimously — by the Regents.

Special thanks go to Jackie Weissenburger and Glendali Rodriguez of the Provost’s Office; Chuck Bomar, Rich Rothaupt and Devin Berg of the STEM College; the leaders of our governance groups; and the partners we had in business and industry.

I know that it seemed like this degree took up a lot of our time and got a lot of attention, but that was because the approval process was so arduous and took so long. I am glad that we now can turn our attention to other matters, like seeking board approval in June for a new degree in digital marketing technology.

Family Weekend was a great success

What a great time I had Saturday, April 11, during Family Weekend.11082287_818673708180741_2916111676594215477_o

The day began with a brisk 5K walk in the Family Fun Run/Walk with my wife, Debbie, and our faithful yellow Labrador, Flint.

The walk was followed by an insightful “chat with the chancellor” in the ballrooms of the Memorial Student Center. I met a lot of great students and parents and had a lot of meaningful conversations.

Then, I was privileged later that night to serve as a judge for the art and design department’s Fashion Without Fabric show in the Great Hall. The level of creativity and innovation on display was overwhelming. It was clear why this show sells out every year. Take a look at the event video.

Get your copy of StoutQuest

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.23.07 PMI always knew there was a lot of great student-faculty research happening at UW-Stout, and the new edition of StoutQuest certainly confirms that.

The publication by Research Services has story after story about the research activities of our students and faculty. The research efforts are supported by the Provost’s Office, with editorial assistance from University Communications and graphic design by University Marketing.

Contact Research Services if you want a copy or go online at http://www.uwstout.edu/rs/sq/.

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  1. Cindy

    Would have been nice to have some other activities planned for Parent weekend? A glimpse of what the various college depts are working on? (Student projects?) Special meals for students/families? 5K seemed like too much work. Ha! Just would have liked more relaxing things planned as mentioned.


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