Chancellors discuss budget cut with legislators


On Monday afternoon, I had the opportunity to join my UW-River Falls and UW-Eau Claire colleagues and meet with eight of our local legislators to impress upon them the seriousness of the state budget cut we are facing.

I think we made a positive impression. Both Democrats and Republicans said they appreciated the information we presented about what previous cuts have meant for the campuses and the UW System and the tremendous challenges Gov. Walker’s $300 million proposed cut for 2015-17 would pose for our institutions. No legislator at the meeting, hosted by UW-Eau Claire, said they supported a cut of that magnitude. In fact, one legislator, a Republican, asked all three chancellors to make sure they tell whatever audience they are speaking to that this is the governor’s budget proposal and not the Legislature’s.

I plan to have many more meetings of this kind, as will members of my staff, to ensure that we keep reinforcing the message that the proposed cut $5.8 million for UW-Stout in 2015-16, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau is too big. 

Regardless of the level of the reduction, we will convene a series of forums to discuss the budget and how to proceed in planning for the anticipated cut. We will prepare initial estimates of specific budget impact information for each unit on campus as soon as we can, keeping in mind that the budget situation in Madison is very fluid. Please keep reading the daily email and go to to keep updated on our budget situation.


1 thought on “Chancellors discuss budget cut with legislators

  1. Genesea Carter

    Chancellor, thank you so much for keeping us informed about the budget situation. I am not hearing much about what cuts the administration is planning on absorbing; instead, I’m hearing a lot about loss of faculty and staff jobs. I know you’re still collecting information and recommendations, but I’d like to hear about what cuts you might have already identified that may help prevent job loss.


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