Report says UW-Stout would face $5.8 million budget cut

News surfaced late Thursday, Feb. 5, that the Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a memo estimating what Gov. Walker’s 2015-17 state budget would mean for each UW System campus. According to the memo, the cut for UW-Stout in 2015-16 would be about $5.8 million, which follows a $1.3 million cut in 2013-14. Our cut would be 15.3 percent of the $37.8 million we received in state support for 2014-15.

While this is a very significant decrease and would cause us to make many difficult decisions, I want to emphasize that this cut is subject to revision by the Legislature. In fact, I have been heartened in recent days that some Republican legislators have indicated they believe the proposed cut is too deep and would like to find ways to reduce the impact on the UW System. Gov. Walker even acknowledged Thursday that he was open to changes in the UW System budget.

I am attending the Board of Regents meeting in Madison. I also wanted to assure our faculty and staff that Regent President Michael Falbo and other regents firmly stated their support for shared governance and tenure in the event that the Legislature adopts Gov. Walker’s public authority model for the UW System.

 Finally, I wanted to congratulate UW-Madison Chancellor Becky Blank for her inspiring presentation Thursday to the Board of Regents. Her impassioned plea for adequate funding for higher education in Wisconsin was fantastic.

 We will continue to communicate important budget news to the campus. Please read the state budget stories in UW-Stout Today to stay informed.

4 thoughts on “Report says UW-Stout would face $5.8 million budget cut

  1. Dave Lytle

    And people should write their legislator, especially if they are Republican. The Republican legislators are the ones who will need to change the proposal. To find your legislator go to


  2. Evan Sveum

    Bob, again, I want you to know that I support you and the mission of Stout. I have been thinking a lot (really too much) about this budget thing.
    With all this talk about more cuts, tough decisions need to be made. Honestly, many will not like them. However, we can’t wait around for a better political climate. We would jeopardized the value of Stout to our students. Most discussions about how to deal with budget cuts gravitate to ‘across the board cuts’ shared by everyone. That’s the way cuts have been addressed for years. These days, while the governor can do this and the UW-System can do this, UW-Stout can’t. Unless, we cut our own throats (as in the value to our students). The notion of equal distribution of cuts is really more of a way to avoid the issues. Most have pointed the finger at the Governor and blamed him for everything. The Press jumps all over this with sad, depressing and emotional headlines. ‘Education Destroyed’, ‘Governor Evil’ and many other bi lines that use a strategy for change that will NOT bring about change. It also puts higher education in Wisconsin in a ‘victims’ stance. I believe this can be a time to ‘Re-Create’ education at Stout. Everything on the table. Asking the hard questions and getting the tough answers. We need to be the model for NEW Higher Education! We can be! We are ‘bleeding edge’ in just about everything else we do! Why not this!

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    1. Dave Lytle

      It’s hard to change on a dime when the cuts are immediate. You may image a new future but current costs don’t go away. Promises have been made to students and families that Major programs will be offered. Even if you stop enrolling new students into certain majors the current costs remain. If you trim around the edges of everything you almost guarentee that it will take longer than 4 years to graduate. The Governor has placed the UW System in a no win situation and this budget proposal damages the UW System for no reason.


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