Preserving the Wisconsin Idea

I was extremely pleased to learn Wednesday night that Gov. Scott Walker has backed off an attempt Budget_Address_02in the 2015-17 state budget proposal to eliminate language in state law that created the Wisconsin Idea more than 100 years ago.

I understand the hurt and anger that this proposal, which I learned about in the afternoon after our budget forum, caused across our campus and throughout the UW System. I share those same feelings because the Wisconsin Idea is the absolute bedrock and foundation for how we operate as a UW System.

I fully embrace, and always will, the philosophy contained within the Wisconsin Idea: We have a mission to extend knowledge past the boundaries of our campus across the state, and that is basic to our purpose, the pursuit of truth.

No action of the governor in trying to strike words from state law would change that.

1 thought on “Preserving the Wisconsin Idea

  1. M. Jones

    Chancellor Bob!
    I thought your forum was done w/ a new level of Professional that I often don’t see in the UW system. Politics to often infiltrates the classroom learning environment and for one, as a student, am sick and tired of it. This is my first semester here and I thought you were neutral throughout the intro. and the Q&A portions of this presentation. Hopefully your even handed approach to this budget shortfall will spread throughout the UW Colleges.
    Thank you!


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