Hello, UW-Stout

Welcome to my first blog post as UW-Stout chancellor.Chancellor designate Robert Meyer

These past few weeks have been a bit dizzying, but I have enjoyed them immensely, learning all about UW-Stout (again) and our fantastic students, faculty and staff.

It has occurred to me, however, that I needed to find a way to share some of these experiences, as well as other information, with the campus and the public. A blog seemed like a good answer, and Chancellor Bob’s Blog was born.

So what will you find in the blog? A little bit of everything: some of the great things I saw and experienced on campus the past week, the people I met, the places I visited. I also will share with you any pertinent updates from UW System or other places.

If you have anything worth mentioning in the blog, or would like to send me a comment, you can do so at chancellorbobsblog@uwstout.edu. Of course, you can contact me at any time at my personal email address, meyerb@uwstout.edu.

A really great tour

One of the best things about being chancellor is getting to meet the great faculty and staff at UW-Stout. I spent an amazing hour last week with two of those faculty, John Klem and Julie Bates of the master’s program in clinical mental health counseling. The impetus for the visit was to tour the remodeled Counseling Process Laboratory in the Vocational Rehabilitation Building, but we had a chance to chat for quite a while about the CACREP-accredited CMHC program here.

What impressed me the most was just how enthusiastic and dedicated to their students John and Julie are. They both spoke about how UW-Stout is the perfect place for them to teach because of the connections they get to form with their students.

And we get a lot of good students. Typically 70 students or so apply for the 12 slots available each fall and spring semester, and it is hard to pick the best. I truly appreciated the time that John and Julie spent with me last week and look forward to seeing them again.

What a fine employee

Aimee Lipke

I also enjoy recognizing great employees. Last week I gave the Classified Employee Appreciation Award for September to Aimee Lipke, who works in Custodial Services in the Memorial Student Center.

Her co-workers find her always upbeat and positive, and she is very helpful and pitches in whenever she is needed. I certainly enjoyed talking with Aimee, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Welcome to manufacturers

I had the pleasure of welcoming business and industry leaders to UW-Stout last week as part of the Manufacturing Advantage Conference, sponsored by the Manufacturing Outreach Center for the last seven years.

Manufacturing continues to be a major component of Wisconsin’s economy, and this conference brings industry representatives together to learn about ways to make their companies more efficient and profitable.

AODA coalition headed in the right direction

On Friday I spent some time with the Chancellor’s Coalition on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse, learning about the coalition’s work to address high risk drinking and substance abuse on campus and in the community. I know this is a tremendous problem not only at UW-Stout but across the UW System and the nation, and I will do what I can as chancellor to help the coalition continue to make progress in this important area.

Excellent news on enrollment

Finally, UW System reported preliminary enrollment numbers for fall 2014 from all campuses. I can’t say enough about the hard work that went into our enrollment increase this year. We are at 9,322 compared to 9,286 last year. But we think we very well could exceed our record of 9,356 in 2011 when the final number is released later this year.

Seven campuses reported enrollment declines this year, some significantly. I want to thank everyone who is involved in our admissions and enrollment efforts for our increase this year. Here is a link to graphic that details the UW System enrollment: http://tinyurl.com/nbysrgg.

Students on Campus